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Meet our owner, Maddie!

“Hey Y’all I am Maddie Mabry, and I am your owner/co-head instructor at Mary Mabry Swim! I have been involved with swim lessons from the time I was a student myself, a young volunteer, instructor, and now team leader! I am currently at Mississippi State University studying Graphic Design and Marketing! I am a member of Delta Delta Delta and have absolutely loved the time I have spent in Starkville! I always get excited when summer rolls
around though because I have such a passion for teaching the community a skill that is unquestionably vital to your health and safety. My favorite part of lessons is all the kiddos I get to meet, you would be surprised about how witty a four-year-old can be! I am unbelievably excited to be back in the pool with your kids this summer and am always happy to answer any
question you may have. You can reach me at 601-549-2115! Happy registering!”

– Maddie Mabry

Meet Our Instructors

Maggie Hovan


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Maggie Hovan is graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in Biology. She is currently a high school science teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana. Maggie has worked with with Mary Mabry Swim for several summers. Maggie’s favorite part of swimming lessons, other than getting to work in the pool all summer, is watching the transformation that occurs when children transition from fearing the pool to loving it.

Katie Hovan


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Katie Hovan is a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in Music. Katie has been swimming since she was a baby, and is a returning swimming instructor at Mary Mabry Swim. Katie loves working with children whether it is at Opera camp or swim lessons! She loves seeing kids discover their love for swimming and seeing their confidence grow over the course of lessons.

Cameron Sisson


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Hi there! I’m Cameron, a passionate swim instructor dedicated to fostering water safety and confidence in learners of all ages. With over 10 years of experience in competitive swimming and teaching, I bring a blend of expertise, patience, and enthusiasm to every lesson.

My journey with swimming began at a young age, where I discovered not only a love for the sport but also its transformative power in building physical strength, mental resilience, and a lifelong skillset. Whether guiding beginners through their first strokes or refining techniques for seasoned swimmers, my approach emphasizes personalized instruction tailored to individual abilities and goals.

As a certified Lifeguard, safety is paramount in my teaching philosophy. I prioritize creating a supportive and comfortable environment where students can develop their aquatic skills while gaining confidence and overcoming any challenges they may encounter in the water.

Beyond the pool deck, I’m deeply committed to promoting water safety awareness within the community, organizing workshops, and participating in outreach programs aimed at preventing drowning incidents and instilling a love for swimming in people of all backgrounds.
Join me in the water, and let’s dive into a journey of learning, growth, and endless possibilities!

Jack Hodo


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Hey guys! My name is Jack Hodo and I currently go to Mississippi State University. I am passionate about water safety and the joy of swimming, I’m thrilled to be coming back for my third summer with Mabry Swim as a swim instructor. With 3 years of experience, I bring a deep understanding of stroke techniques, water dynamics, and effective teaching methodologies. My goal is not just to impart essential swimming skills but also to foster a love for the water and confidence in my students. From beginners mastering their first strokes to advanced swimmers refining their technique, I tailor my lessons to each individual’s needs, ensuring a supportive and engaging learning environment. I’m excited to inspire and guide everyone in being confident and capable swimmers!

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