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We look forward to having you and your children joining us for lessons this summer! Keep scrolling to read more about our offered lessons and to register your child!

Lessons Info

Learning to swim can be a frightening experience, but it is a critical skill that everyone must have. The team at Mabry Swimming Lessons help students learn to swim through firm instruction, motivation, and lots of laughing. Over the course of a week, sometimes two, the team help students overcome their fear and develop an appreciation for the water and the sport of swimming. We strive to develop students swimming skill, as well as the confidence to use that skill. Ages 18 months and up are accepted. All skill levels are accepted, from not knowing how to swim at all to perfecting strokes and diving in preparation for swim team.

We will offer semiprivate lessons for 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday. There will be 4 instructors with 4 students offering one on one instruction. Many of you are familiar with how we have done it in previous years with hour-long classes and a 2:1 student-instructor ratio. We made the switch to this model several summers ago and have seen tremendous success. We look forward to working with you and your child!

Lessons are $210 per child per week. All payments must be done online via our registration form. We do not accept cash or checks.

Keep scrolling for more information regarding lessons and to register your child!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my child be to register for lessons?

Your child must be at least 18 months or older (by the time lessons begin) in order to register for lessons.

Why can't you show the address for lessons?

Due to privacy reasons and at the request of the pool’s owner, we are not allowed to publicly disclose where the lessons will be taking place. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent an email that contains the physical address.

When should we arrive for lessons?

It’s a good idea to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your class time.

What happens if we are late to class?

Seeing as the lessons are only 30 minutes, if you are more than 5 minutes late, we are not obligated to make up time from that lesson. Furthermore, if you are more than 15 minutes, your child will only receive instruction for the remaining time of their scheduled lesson.

Will class be canceled if it rains?

No. We will meet in our regularly scheduled classes unless you are contacted. We will reschedule classes in the event of heavy rain or lightning.

How do I register multiple children for lessons?

You will need to complete a registration form and pay for each individual child.

How do I register my child for multiple weeks?

You’ll need to go through the registration process again for each class you are wanting to sign up for. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due immediately at registration. At this time, we are only accepting payments through the online registration form. A credit and or debit card may be used to complete the transaction. Cash and checks will not be accepted for payment. Full payment must be received online in order for your spot to be secured.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you are looking to cancel your registration, send us an email at marymabryswim@gmail.com and we will cancel your registration. Full refunds are only available until April 30, 2024.

If I cancel my registration, can I get a refund?

Full refunds are only available until April 30, 2024.

If your child becomes sick and you have provided a doctor’s note or you have a family emergency and we are unable to reschedule for a future week, partial refunds will be granted. For all other cases, refunds will not be granted.

What if my child gets sick or we have an emergency come up during our class?

If your child becomes sick and you have provided a doctor’s note or you have a family emergency and we are unable to reschedule for a future week, partial refunds will be granted. For all other cases, refunds will not be granted.

How do I switch my child to a different class time?

Once you have picked the new class, send us an email at marymabryswim@gmail.com and we will cancel your previous registration. Be sure to include which class and time that you are needing to be canceled in the email so that we don’t accidentally cancel the wrong class. We will switch you to the appropriate class.

Meet Our Owner

“Hey y’all, I am Maddie Mabry and I have been working with Mabry Swim Lessons since I was old enough to swim myself! Not many people know this, but our business was founded nearly 70 years ago by my great grandmother in Metairie, Louisiana. Since then, the gift of teaching children to swim trickled down to my mother and aunts, my sisters and brothers, and now myself! We have significantly expanded in the last few years becoming one of the most widely known swim lessons businesses in the Pine Belt. All my instructors and myself carry a passion for delivering such a vital skill to all ages in the community. We are excited for another summer under the sun and cannot wait to meet you and your kiddos!”

– Maddie Mabry

What Parents Are Saying

Casey & Brett Wilberding

I cannot say enough about Maddie and the crew at Mabry Swim. All 3 of my boys have been and we are so thankful. It is so important for our kids to know how to swim, as they are around the pool all summer long. The team is kind, patient and knowledgeable. It isn’t always easy to watch your kids learn how to do something, but this team makes it as easy as possible. My soon to be 3 year old will be back this summer for a refresher and we can’t wait to see Maddie and her crew!

Claire Ward

Mabry Swim taught my oldest son to swim in two weeks. It may seem intense, but it absolutely gets the job done. On day one, he could barely blow bubbles or kick, and by the end of the two weeks he could jump off the board and swim to the ladder with a smile on his face. We did lessons for three years, and each year they learned more and more. Mabry Swim made him a confident swimmer and I am forever grateful! Sending a huge thank you to their fabulous instructors!

Kelsey Hester

The experience at Mabry Swim was incredible for Hayden! She has always loved the water, but was terrified to go beyond the shallow. By the end of the week, she was a deep end diva! It was worth every penny for me to have a peace of mind all summer! We’ll be returning this year for a refresher course and she can hardly wait!!

Katelyn Freeman

Water safety has always been one of my top priorities with my children. We started my son in 2020 at 3 1/2 years old. I was very nervous because he is globally delayed. I was worried first about just his muscle strength and being able to swim, period, but also, as a mom, I was worried if anyone would have enough patience to work with him. One of the head instructors, Maggie, is an absolute angel and put all my worries to rest. Her nurturing ways made her the perfect person for my son that year. 2021 rolled around and I signed my son up again, but this time I had a little sister there with me and we surprisingly got her in the pool that week too. I was worried she would be too young but it was perfect! By this year I was confident my son would be able to get to the side of the pool for safety if needed. Fast forward to 2023, by this time I needed someone with patience but wasn’t going to baby my son either. Sometimes he needs a little tough love and motivation. Maddie was phenomenal for that position but still had the patience of a saint. By the end of that summer, my son was diving and retrieving items from the bottom of the pool and my daughter could safely get to the side of the pool. This summer, my baby boy will be 18 months and there is no doubt in my mind where we will be attending this summer.  I can’t sing enough praises about Mabry Swim.

Register Your Child

We want to help make registering your child for swimming lessons as easy as possible. Keep scrolling for more information on how to complete the registration process. Have questions? Check out our contact information below for any questions or concerns.

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Step 1

Begin by clicking the “Begin Registration” button below. This will take you to our registration form.

Step 2

Fill out all requested information and choose a class time. If you are registering multiple children, you’ll have to complete a registration form for each child.

Step 3

At the end of the registration form, there will be a section to submit payments online. Once your payment has successfully gone through, check your email for an invoice.

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